Frequently Asked Questions

This page outlines frequently asked questions, organized by topics.


How do I set a wallpaper?

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Click Wallpaper
  3. Click “Choose New Wallpaper”
  4. Navigate to the wallpaper saved

I am not a Subscriber, can I still customize my wallpapers?

  1. Yes, find a wallpaper
  2. Click the “Customize” button
  3. On the Subscriber screen, you can earn a free customization by earning a credit

Why does my wallpaper not fit my screen?

  1. Our Back end technology calculates an optimal height and width to ensure a wallpaper fits on your device. Not all wallpapers will fit as you expect, but can be fixed by cropping the photo using our Photo Editor.


I receive an error message when trying to earn a credit to unlock content.

  1. You have reached the maximum credit limit. Please wait 24 hrs or Subscribe to customize unlimited wallpapers.


Do I need to subscribe to use the app?

  • Not at all. Our service will always be free, but Subscribing shows your support In our team.

What benefits do I get when subscribing?

  • You get access to an unlimited number of wallpaper customizations, access to our premium stickers, Subscriber only contests for prizes (cash, v-bucks, gift cards, any many more), and be the first to receive updates.

How and when can I cancel my subscription?

  • Please visit here to cancel your subscription.

Do I need to re-subscribe when trying to use this in a different device?

  • No, if you subscribe on one of your devices, you will be able to use the same subscription on other devices under the same account. Attempting to resubscribe again will restore your Subscription on a different device.

Can I refund my subscription?

  • Once you subscribe, we are not able to give refunds. Our app is free so we give users the chance to try out our features before subscribing to our app.

Content Creators

I’m a content creator and…

  • I want to upload my work to gain exposure to your thousands of members.
    • Upload your artwork on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter using #WFGF.
  • I see my work displayed. I would like to take my work down so it’s not displayed to your community.

Business Inquiries

No business inquiries taken at this time. Please check this section at another time.